First Nagoya-Reims Workshop in Mathematics
"Interaction between Group representations and Statistics"


March 15-16, 2017, Reims, France.



Wednesday  March 15    Thursday   March 16   
14h-14h50  H. ISHI    9h00-9h50  T. OHIRA
15h-15h30  Y. ISOWAKI    10h00-10h50  Ph. REGNAULT
Pause café    Pause café
16h00-16h50  G. MENDOUSSE    11h30-12h20  A. KEZIOU
17h00-17h30  K. ARASHI     


  • K. Arashi (Nagoya University)
    On SO*(n) and its representations.
  • H. Ishi (Nagoya University/ JST PRESTO)
    New class of convex cones inspired by statistics
  • Y. Isowaki (Nagoya University)
    Orbit method for some Lie groups.
  • A. Keziou (Reims University)
    Duality of divergences and its use in semiparametric statistics
  • G. Mendousse (Reims University)
    Some aspects of harmonic analysis on quaternionic homogeneous spaces
  • T. Ohira (Nagoya University)
    Delayed stochastic systems
  • Ph. Regnault (Reims University)
    Statistical inference based on divergence minimization and information geometry.